Cosmopolitan, Trained & Qualified iTutors

Unlike the regular classrooms where the students are exposed to the same English teacher for the whole year, our students enjoy the privilege of learning from a panel of international and trained iTutors with a Bachelor or a Master’s degree. We adopt stringent criteria in appointing our panel of iTutors. Not only do they need to demonstrate excellent language proficiency, but also humanistic scholarship. This is important as language learning conveys more than technical skills.



Embracive Outlook of iTutors

Our iTutors aim to inculcate in our students well-reasoned, balanced and fair interpretations of the materials presented for discussions. The kaleidoscope of different ethnicities and personalities of the iTutors prepare our students to communicate using the Standard English. Their embracive outlook means that our students are exposed to a community of cultivated people, grounded in rational thinking and logical reasoning.