Learn essential writing techniques by clicking on the iLessons below:

1) Text type: Narrative/Descriptive

Unit 1: Narrative Form & 5 Essential Elements

Unit 3: Story Writing Introduction

Unit 5: The Five Senses

Unit 7: Using an Outline

Unit 9: Situational Irony

Unit 11: Make Fiction Come Alive

Unit 13: How Fiction Can Change Reality

Unit 15: Suspenseful Writing

Unit 17: Hero or Protagonist

Unit 2: 21 Creative Writing Techniques

Unit 4: Picture Composition


Unit 6: Verbs of Action

Unit 8: Picture Composition

Unit 10: Dramatic Irony

Unit 12: Verbal Irony

Unit 14: How to Write Comedy

Unit 16: Build a Fictional World


2) Text Type: Descriptive

Unit 1: Descriptive Writing

3) Text Type: Discursive

Unit 1: Write a Discursive Essay


4) Text Type: Argumentative/Persuasive

Unit 1: Plan an Argumentative Essay

Unit 2: Using Rhetoric