Cosmopolitan, Trained & Qualified iTutors

Unlike the regular classrooms where the students are exposed to the same English teacher for the whole year, our students enjoy the privilege of learning from a panel of international and trained iTutors pursuing or with  a Bachelor or a Master’s degree. We adopt stringent criteria in appointing our panel of iTutors. Not only do they need to demonstrate excellent language proficiency, but also humanistic scholarship. This is important as language learning conveys more than technical skills.



Embracive Outlook of iTutors

Our iTutors aim to inculcate in our students well-reasoned, balanced and fair interpretations of the materials presented for discussions. The kaleidoscope of different ethnicities and personalities of the iTutors prepare our students to communicate using the Standard English. Their embracive outlook means that our students are exposed to a community of cultivated people, grounded in rational thinking and logical reasoning. 


itutor Candice parsons

itutor Candice parsons

     iTutor Candice Parson's Achievements:

  • Mid-Year Academic Award 2014 (Minimum requirement of 5 A grades, 1 B grade and no C grades)

  • Mid-Year Academic Award 2016 (Minimum of 4 A grades, 2 B grades and no C grades)

  • High Distinction in the Western Australian Dante Alighieri Society Italian Language Examinations

  • Politics and Law Subject Prize 2016 & 2015 (Awarded to the top Politics and Law student in the course)

  • Selection as a Western Australian delegate for the National Schools Constitutional Convention in 2016

  • Western Australian Law Society Certificate of Excellence (Awarded to the top Politics and Law student in their school)

  • Received “Academic Colours” in 2016 for receiving no less than 20 A grades in Years 11 and 12, with no C grades

  • Membership into the St Mary’s 2016 Honour Society (Must achieve an average mark of 70% or higher in all ATAR examinations taken in Year 11 and 12)

  • Membership in the 2016 St Mary’s 400 Club (Must achieve a minimum ATAR of 97)

  • Certificate of Distinction 2016 for outstanding achievement in the Western Australian Certificate of Education



A major passion of mine is working with people. It is a major motivating factor behind my continued studies of the social sciences from high school to university. As I’ve moved to New South Wales from Western Australia, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to socialise and meet new people, which is something I really enjoy.

Skills & Abilities:


Through my participation in many high school activities and through work experience, I have learnt various valuable communication skills. Whilst playing in the school’s concert bands, I learnt that attentive listening to others is not only crucial in a musical perspective, but also in a communicative perspective. It is impossible to collaborate with people if you are unable to listen to them.  Furthermore, participation in these activities has allowed me to develop confidence in engaging with people, especially those whom I do not know. Additionally, working in Human Resources to manage policy allowed me to establish professional communication skills. Communication with various teams within the company was vital for my job at Ozgene to ensure policies that were drafted worked practically for each team whilst also meeting the relevant statutory requirements. 


Working collaboratively with others is a skill that I value highly. High school activities have highlighted the importance of being able to work well with others through communication, cooperation and commitment to your allocated task. Working within the Human Resources team also allowed me to develop these skills in a professional workplace. 


I have had many opportunities to cultivate my leadership skills, especially through my involvement in the Mock Trials competition in high school. I was given the opportunity to lead a team and consequently learnt how to manage, motivate and be responsible for a group of people. Through my experiences, I developed my leadership skills that assisted in improving both my communication and teamwork skills. 


Work Experience | King & Wood Mallesons law firm | 30th of June – 4th of  July 2014

In Year 10, I completed a week of work experience at King and Wood Mallesons law firm in Perth. Whilst there I shadowed a solicitor to learn about the legal system and assist with their running cases.  This gave me my first experience of working and conducting myself suitably within a professional workplace. 

Human Resources Policy Manager | Ozgene | 10th of January - 3rd of  February 2017

At the beginning of 2017, I spent a month as a Human Resources Policy Manager at a small biotech company at Curtin University in Perth. Whilst there, I formulated policy regarding Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and laboratory conduct. This required research into legislative requirements for the laboratories and office. Additionally, I drafted, edited and wrote policies for these areas. 

Bachelor of Arts | commenced 2017 | University of New South Wales  and

Bachelor of Law | commenced 2018

  • Major: Political Science

  • Major: Bachelor of Law

  • Minor: International Relations

In 2017, I commenced my first year of a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New South Wales and would be also pursuing a Double Degree in a Bachelor of Law in 2018. I have begun participating in the United Nations Youth program and in the Arts and Social Sciences Society at UNSW.

MR EDRIC WEE on vacation in japan

MR EDRIC WEE on vacation in japan

Intern iTutor Edric Wee’s Portfolio:

Mr Edric Wee graduated from Meridian Junior College and is currently serving the nation as a medic. Edric has self-motivation, perseverance and self-discipline in his arsenal, helping him achieve all distinctions for his Singapore-Cambridge “O” levels and for all his core subjects in his Singapore-Cambridge “A” levels.

Edric intends to seek to pursue a career in zoology upon completion of his Life Sciences degree in the National University of Singapore.

Under the tutelage of Dr Rosalind and Ms Hazel, the Co-Founders of EnglishiExcel International,  Edric is now an Intern iTutor as he continues to enhance his command of the English language.

During his term as a leader in both his performing arts co-curricular activity, Edric had the experience of teaching and guiding his peers. Edric has also previously taught Science and Mathematics in tuition centres.


  • All distinctions for Singapore-Cambridge “O” Levels subjects.

  • All distinctions for the 4 core Singapore-Cambridge “A” Level subjects.

  • Chosen to represent the school at the 2017 Pre-university Seminar. Edric’s selection was based on his exemplary language and presentation skills and general knowledge.

  • EAGLES award (Awarded to school leaders that demonstrate remarkable leadership skills)

  • Edusave Character Award (Awarded to the top 2% of students who have demonstrated exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions)

Interests and Experience

The study of animal behaviour greatly interests Edric. As someone who intends on pursuing life sciences, he hopes to be able to work closely with the magnificent creatures of planet earth and contribute to protecting our environment.

Being a leader in both his secondary school and junior college CCAs have honed Edric's leadership abilities. Edric has an abiding love for music and was a well-respected student conductor for Meridian College's Chinese Orchestral Ensemble.

The experience of having to know the way and to lead the way has taught him how important it is to be able to inspire people to be motivated.