What is EnglishiExcel?

Interactive and Learner-Centred Forum

EnglishiExcel is an international online English learning forum for students aged between 9 and 18. Designed to enable students to excel at all English examinations, we also aim to prepare them to succeed in the global environment.

What we aim to produce at EnglishiExcel is not only exam-smart students, but also individuals who, through the interactive and learner-centred programmes, develop self-confidence to engage with the wider world.

Panel of International iTutors

Unlike the regular classrooms where the students are exposed to the same English teacher for the whole year, our EnglishiExcel students enjoy the privilege of learning from a panel of international and trained iTutors with a Bachelor or a Master’s degree. We adopt stringent criteria in appointing our panel of iTutors. Not only do they need to demonstrate excellent language proficiency, but also humanistic scholarship. This is important as language learning conveys more than technical skills.  It is through effective facilitation by and interactive communication with well-experienced  iTutors that learner needs and teaching goals are simultaneously achieved. 

Our EnglishiExcel iTutors aim to inculcate in our students well-reasoned, balanced and fair interpretations of the materials presented for discussions. The kaleidoscope of different ethnicities and personalities of the iTutors prepare our students to communicate using Standard English. Their embracive outlook means that our students are exposed to a community of cultivated people, grounded in rational thinking, logical reasoning and humanistic scholarship.

Learner-Centred Technology

Based on sound pedagogical principles, EnglishiExcel’s communicative language learning approach capitalises on the latest technology to provide students with an exhilarating journey of discovery. The outstanding advantage of EnglishiExcel is that our students come face to face with the world in the comfort of their homes.

We adopt a wholistic approach to enable students to develop speaking, thinking and writing skills. This means that in our integrated approach, our students learn to read, listen, speak, comprehend, think and write in the virtual tutorials.

Our students are encouraged to engage with their mentors. We endorse works of creativity and promote excellence. The exemplary contributions of our students are showcased so as to encourage the community of EnglishiExcel learners to pursue excellence. Our students are motivated to participate because we know that it is engagement and interactive learning that help them to excel, and achieve their respective goals.

The Five “i”s of EnglishiExcel

1) Innovative

Integrating the best of traditional and new media, EnglishiExcel delivers the most cutting-edge programmes tailored to bring out the best in learners.


2) Interactive

EnglishiExcel meets the needs, desires and interests of the students, as a pursuit of language excellence through an interactive approach through facilitated reflective and peer learning.


3) International and Intercultural

Fundamental to EnglishiExcel, is the forum hosted by our panel of international and intercultural iTutors.


4) Integrative & Interesting

The integrative emphasis means that students learn reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills in every module.

The use of authentic materials means that all our students engage with interesting analyses, reflecting the world that they live in and the challenges they face.


5) Intentional Mentorship

EnglishiExcel helps students to set up personal goals to fulfil their intentional objectives through the use of educational psychology (such as neurolinguistics programming, visualisation, affirmation and guided imagery).

At EnglishiExcel, we encourage the pursuit of excellence not just in the academic realm, but also in the cultivation of individuals imbued with civic virtue and a humanitarian spirit; preparing students to be grounded and well-rounded youth ready to participate in and contribute to our global world. 



Dr rosalind tan drake: Co-Founder

Dr rosalind tan drake: Co-Founder

Dr Rosalind Tan Drake has a Ph.D from the University of New South Wales, a Master of Education from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours degree from the University of Singapore.

As the Founder of Planet A-Star, an English language consultancy, Rosalind coaches foreign diplomats and top business executives to speak and write better English. Many doctorate and master’s degree candidates have had Rosalind's editorial assistance in the submission of their dissertations. 

In the last 20 years, Rosalind has authored 20 English Exam Guides to enable students to excel in their English examinations. She also holds virtual tutorials to enable students taking the PSLE and 'O' Level Examinations in Singapore to excel. In Sydney, Rosalind tutors students from Year 1 to Year 12, to prepare them for their Primary and High School English examinations. Her students regularly take the top spot in the English school examinations. Several have secured state scholarships to gain entry into the top-ranking Sydney Grammar School. 

Rosalind's doctoral candidature has inspired her to trace and honour the philosophy of politeness promoted in eighteenth-century England, in which adults, teenagers and children alike seek personal cultivation through the pursuit of learning. Her 2015 community-based project for pre-schoolers, named 'Little Bluestockings: Nurturing Speaking, Listening and Thinking Skills', has inspired 3 and 4 year-olds from the migrant community in South Sydney to enjoy learning English. Rosalind’slatest book, Nurturing Intelligence: A 12-Month Guide to developing Reading, Listening, Speaking, Thinking and Writing Skills in Preschoolers provides teachers and parents valuable exercises and activities to bring out the best in their children. She holds regular workshops to train teachers and parents, as well as teach Nurturing Intelligence classes for pre-schoolers during the Singapore school holidays.  

MS Hazel LEE TAN: Co-founder

MS Hazel LEE TAN: Co-founder

Ms Hazel Lee Tan (B.A., M.Ed, GDMM, C.IM) has received extensive language training from universities from Singapore, Australia and Canada. She was awarded degrees in Bachelor of Arts (English) (National University of Singapore), and Masters of Education, (University of Sydney, Australia). Her professional development include attaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management (Singapore) as well as a Certificate in Internet Marketing, (University of British Columbia, Canada).

In addition to having been well studied in English Language/Linguistics  and Education in both her Bachelor and Master degrees , Hazel Tan has been awarded the highest level certification TESL Canada awards to its Canadian teachers - the Standard Three (Permanent) Professional Certificate.

Hazel Tan has had years of rich experience teaching language education in various well-reputed institutions like the SEAMEO Regional English Language Centre (Singapore) at which she taught foreign expatriates. While at the National Institute of Education (Singapore), and the National University of Singapore, Hazel was a Lecturer and Teacher Trainer and Supervisor of trainee teachers and undergraduates.

In Australia and Canada, Hazel has also taught university students from Sydney, New South Wales and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada). 

For almost two decades now, Hazel Tan has helped many students to excel in their Primary School Leaving Examinations  and  Cambridge "O" & '"A" (Ordinary & Advanced) Levels Examinations in Singapore English examinations. Many of her graduands have gone on to university to become lawyers, doctors and business professionals.

Hazel has also been published in local Singaporean and international publications and participated in Writers' Festivals and Conferences in Vancouver, Canada.

Bringing together Hazel Tan's extensive education and international experience from having successfully completed a Distance Education and Technology (Development & Design) course from The University Of British Columbia,  (Canada), EnglishiExcel is well-poised to help Bridge Youth to the World, a Home Advantage with Global Reach through Excellence in English. 




The National University of  Singapore,  SINGAPORE.

National Institute of Education, Singapore,  SINGAPORE.

SEAMO Regional English Language Centre (RELC), SINGAPORE .

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SINGAPORE. 

Singapore Polytechnic, SINGAPORE.

The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA .

The University of Technology, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver,  CANADA.


Ph.D (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Master of Education in TESOL (The University of Sydney, Australia)

Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences (Honours & Bachelors, Singapore University of Singapore & National University of Singapore)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (Singapore Institute of Management)

Certificate in Internet Marketing (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Distance Education & Technology  (Development & Design, University of British Columbia)

TESL Canada (Standard Three, Permanent Professional Certificate)