Grammar can be such a garbage-load of gobbledygook for those who grapple to grasp the many gibberish-like rules of grammar!  However, unless you master its mechanics, you'll remain a slave to all the Grammar-Nazis in school and in the world!  

So Get Ready for a Grammar Gear-Up by Clicking on the iLessons Below:

1) Topic Area: General Usage

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Unit 1: Does Grammar Matter?

It can be hard sometimes to remember all of the grammatical rules that guide us when we’re writing. Dive into the age-old argument between linguistic prescriptivists & descriptivists — who have two very different opinions on the matter.

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Unit 2: How to Use Apostrophes

It’s possessive. It’s often followed by S’s. And it’s sometimes tricky when it comes to its usage. It’s the apostrophe. Laura McClure gives a refresher on when to use apostrophes in writing.


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Unit 3: What's the Comma Story?

It isn't easy holding complex sentences together (just ask a conjunction or a subordinate), but the clever little comma can help lighten the load. But how to tell when help is really needed? Terisa Folaron offers some tricks of the comma trade.

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Unit 4: How to Use a Semi-Colon

It may seem like the semicolon is struggling with an identity crisis. It looks like a comma crossed with a period. Maybe that’s why we toss these punctuation marks around like grammatical confetti; we’re confused about how to use them properly. Emma Bryce clarifies best practices for the semi-confusing semicolon.

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Unit 5: Modifiers Misplaced

Modifiers are words, phrases, and clauses that add information about other parts of a sentence—which is usually helpful. But when modifiers aren’t linked clearly enough to the words they’re actually referring to, they can create unintentional ambiguity. Emma Bryce navigates the sticky world of misplaced, dangling and squinting modifiers.


2) Topic Area: Tenses

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Unit 6: Tenses #1 

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

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Unit 8: Tenses #3

Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect

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Unit 10: Tenses #5

Action Verbs vs State Verbs

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Unit 12: Tenses #7

'Going to' vs Present Continuous

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Unit 14: Tenses #9

Future Continuous vs Future Perfect vs Future Perfect Continuous

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Unit 7: Tenses #2

Present Continuous vs Present Perfect Continuous

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Unit 9: Tenses #4

Present Perfect vs Past Simple

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Unit 11: Tenses #6

Future Simple vs 'Going To' Future

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Unit 13: Tenses #8

Past Continuous vs Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous

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Unit 15:Tenses#10 Revision